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What is your favorite music band? and favorite lyrics?



I love a lot of bands but there's one special:Beyoncé! =)
I love her musics!

hmm i don't really like her music type but i like her face :D she's pretty

You know MUSE... I've stolen your love :) 

my favorite bands HIM and singler JAmes Blund))


In my top list there are Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson and russian group Bravo, but I can't say I have favorite group or musician, I have some favorite songs. For example, the song "El Kilo" by Los Orishas was on alarm for 5 years :) and I switch it to "It's a beautiful day" by Tim McMorris :)

The National

Hi...i love pop music, but actually my favorite singer is bruno mars and your song "Marry you" i want that some day anyone propose marry me with that song.. lol

moonlight shaddow


i realy like the song( if i were a boy) by beyonce

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