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the most difficult language in the world

what are the easiest language and most difficult language in the world according to you guys?

and why is that so?



Hello chocicecream
If you try to see here on italki, there is a similar discussion where anyone wrote their own opinion and explained the reason of it.

i think English must be the easiest though i'm no really good at it but surely it's easier than arabic french or chinese or i don't know persian because in these languages each verb has it's own sign but in english they are all same

I study Japanese as the second foreign language.

I feel Japanese much more difficult than English, though there are many words in common between Japanese and Chinese, my mother tongue.

yeah, I know it, Japanese has hiragana,katakana and kanji. I wonder why Chinese can read Japanese alphabet but Japanese cannot read Chinese alphabet? are they similar or not? what's the difference?

@choicecream. I think, what you describe as alphabet is the sign of pronunciation, don't you?

In fact, there are some Japanese words (not signs) whose shape are similar to that of Chinese words, and there are some Japanese words (not signs) whose pronunciation are similar to that of Chinese words.

However, the sign systems of pronunciation of Chinese and of Japanese are totally different from each other.

Each Chinese word is monosyllabic (with one pronunciation only), but it depends as for Japanese words.

From studies of the time it takes children to learn to read, Japanese and Chinese are basically tied for "takes the most time to learn how to read in them." Chinese and Japanese kids generally take 2 or 3 years longer to learn how to read fluently than children who grow up with alphabet based languages.


So objectively, they're harder to read and write than other languages. As far as speaking goes, they're neither harder nor easier than others, objectively speaking. But otherwise it really depends on your first language. Mine is English, so French and Spanish obviously come faster to me than Arabic and Chinese. 


Still, the thing that nobody ever talks about in these discussions is materials. English actually isn't that "easy" to learn, but English is everywhere and tons of good materials exist. I actually feel that Chinese--despite being harder to read--is "easier" to learn than Arabic mostly because more and better materials exist for Chinese, and because Mandarin is much more standardized and widely used than fus7a (MSA/Modern Standard Arabic). 


With Chinese you can just study Mandarin and usually get by anywhere. Nobody really speaks fus7a in the Arab world, so if you want to really communicate you need to learn both fus7a and a dialect. Which, in my experience, makes it harder to make progress in despite maybe being "easier" to read (and not being a tone language like Chinese).


But really it comes down to your first language, materials available, and your interest/motivation level.

chinese is very difficult language

@Brook: oh I see, I mean some Chinese kanji or character is similar to Japanese kanji.

Kanji in China has been modified, it's not original, right?

In Korea, using Chinese alphabets in past, but the pronounciation is different too. For example: the word go out between Mandarin and Japanese. Is it right?




@Rob: yeah I know it, even Japanese adult must memorize hundred of kanji.

French,Spanish, Italian have masculine and feminine words, I think it will be easier if someone comes from Europe who learn the languages which have masculine and feminine, easy to memorize words.hehe^^

About Arabic language, muslim can read Quran, but only some of them can speak Arabic language, cuz the language that is used in Quran and arabic language in daily life is different. In Quran using literature language.

@Ali: yup, Japanese and Chinese are difficult, cuz they use kanji. You should memorize hundred of it.

That's why I prefer to choose Korean rather than those languages, cuz Korean has some hangul, there are no many characters to memorize,hehe..^^

Actually, I couldn't tell what is the most difficult language.

However, and according to my little experience, I can say Arabic is more difficult than English for many reasons.

First, Formal and literature language is the only written language. This means that there are no sufficient resources for learning common language of Libya, Egypt, etc.. Moreover, Arabic language writing is quite different from other Latin and Roman languages; it is written from right to left, and its letters have to be connected altogether in a cursive way. Lastly, grammar is highly advanced and bit complicated.

After all, learning Arabic is so exciting because it needs a lot of challenges and intelligence.

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