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your childhood

What is your happiest childhood memory?


When I was small my parents bought me a yellow bicycle. My sisters and sometimes my father taught me how to ride a bicycle. The result of their "professional" teaching was my broken arm! :) But I was really happy at that time!



hi julia,

my happiest memory was when my father brought my dog. i was such happpy that i could only see my dog:).

by the way your arm story is really funny.i hope it is ok now:)

When i got my first bicycle I was very enthusiastic, Initially it was very difficult for me to ride and my friends were pro in cycling but after sometime I learned and became a perfect rider I even could ride without holding handelbars wow it was so good I remember those days .

I think all of my childhood is fun.

l remmeber a very very interesting night.My friends and l played at hide and seek.Whoel house is very dark,we can see's difficult to seek's a funny and exciting night.

I feedback to my children in response to my experience when I was young . I got a bicycle to ride when I was in grade 6 , in spite most people regard it is too late to learn . I was still content with a bicycle . I do have such a "broken arm " experience as you .but i can realize how you were happy at that time . It is a pity that no body can back his childhood to find the time back.

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