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What is your most unforgettable moment??

Please leave a comment and let's all share our experiences.



one night i was very drunk when i came dor from night club. when i came i wanted to watch tv.but first i had to pee. i went to toilet and i could not find urinal however i thought a lot.i realized that i am in ladies toilet.luckly, no one saw me there:)

My unforgettable moment is that forget everything to reach nirvana.

Sorry for that did not share my experience. I forget how to enter it but it is not stable for me.

I just feel that it is better than happy angry sad....sometimes

My most unforgettable moment was my first drive on a motorbike.

It was my kawasaki ninja 636; I was very excited and my first think was "I can ride it without die today?" because until this time I had drive only my car and my bike! But it's was fantastic and now I ride it everyday (when don't rain xD )

Hello everyone! know that's terrible! haha I use to go bar hopping too, but i never tried entering men's restroom. Even when I am already drunk. But I had unfrogettable experience when drinking alcohol, I was drunk and was puking, and I couldn't remember what happened next, I woke up in my bed, and my room smells like shit! hahaha

@DIDI...I don't understand, what do you mean?

@, i am also a rider, but when I met an accident, I never used it again,... 

@Leegutz, I think that is a state that I had ever experience so I just use the word to compare. I did not read buddha books. It seem that the one who create also know that need to deal with language to explain it and have a reason about should say and should not say.

I just remember the feeling now. Simply say, common people that dont believe it in 5% power at brain.

But humen's brain can generate 100% actually. I think they need the feeling above 80%. Like that...

So we can see buddhist quarrelling about buddha books and they seek an alive buddha in reality.

That because it should not be an action of belief but some of people may feel that exist in common state. Now it is like I eat a lot of food which has salt in it but I know My body need salt then still eat the food cause I dont like eating salt directly. I had ever seen my dog eat grass. Perhaps she knows she is ill then to eat grass. That is nature maybe, Sometimes we just want like that. If my dog do what we classify for them. Maybe they can not find the grass for themselve.:P

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