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What do you think is it acceptable to flirt with another person when you are married? I mean not only here on italki but in casual life, with your collegue or acquaintance?



Hello sanych_des2


It depends by situation where you are and still if the love is remember that the men as the women , everyday , can flirt if they want



I think u should not , be a gentleman and flirt with ur wife .

I don't think so.

If you`re not capable to respect the person you choiced to live a life together, so do not get married, it is simple.

I think it is not acceptable even if you aren´t married and you have a girlfriend, because you should respect your wife or girlfriend, If you don´t love her, why do you stay with her?, if you love her, Why do you flirt whit a person who isn´t your wife or girlfriend? I think that if you flirt with another person is because of you want something from this person.

I'm sure its not acceptable... we should not do anything that would hurt our spouse... flirting even if ur already married i gues is a sign of being immature.... 

of course not! your spouse need to be respected

In my opinion,it is unfair to your spouse,you select one person to live togeter with you,it means that you lost the right to live with others , everyone should loyal to your love and loyal to your lover,if you do not love your spouse again,you can tell her/him,and you can separate with her/him,then you can flirt with others,i hear many stores that one person get togeter with two or more people which lead to tragedy,i wish everyone will enjoy your happiness with your lover

And what do you call flirt? It seems to me that this should have been the question asked first -)

Just imagine  that if your wife  would flirt with someone else...what would you feel..??

Honestly  it  hurts  so people need respect for eachone.deffinately not..shouldnt...

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