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a question!

"he is interested in ..." how can we say this sentence in spanish??? 



El esta interesado en.

so can i say:"porque el esta interesado en el arto"? ??

Girl, remember that in Spanish some word has accent like the subject "he" which in Spanish is "él", of you don't put the accent over the vowel like this "el" the meaning of that word in english would be "the", and what at first was a subject ends up being an article.
And, I don't understand what you want to say with "porque el esta interesado en el arto", I mean, I don't know what is "arto". Maybe you wanted to say "harto", that means "mucho" in spanish, which in english is "a lot".
If it's like that, so the correct way to say that sentence is: "Porque él está muy interesando en él", or something.

I hope to have helped solve some doubt.


Él está interesado en.../ Le interesa...

If you are asking, then you must write '¿Por qué...?, and same as Manu, I'm not sure what you mean when you say 'arto'

Hope it helps


i mean just art:D ... i heard it in class..but maybe i make a mistake :)

i want to say : he is interested in taking picture because he is interested in art.

thank you so much guys :*

so how can we say i am interested in taking picture ( forexample)



"él está interesado en las artes."
-- If you mean "he is interested in arts."


¿Por que? -- Why?
porque -- because

thank you :)




¿Por qué? -- Why?

i got it:)


hello you want to say that in spanish, this is it "el esta interesado en tomar fotografias, porque esta interesado en el arte" i can help you if you wish :D

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