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Can you help me?

Imagine a friend from Australia visited your city(Saudi Arabia) or region last month. Make brief notes, and then write three short paragraphs about things they had or hadn’t expected, such as:
• the weather, clothes, etc.
• places to visit and things to see and do
• any customs, for example how people say “hello” to each other.



I have an essay about visiting Los Angeles.I can sent you if you want. P.S. I got in school an A for that essay.

Yes , send it please :)



Los Angeles is the most populous city in California and the second most populous in United States after New York City with a population of nearly 4 million. It is located in South California. L.A. isn’t the capital city but it doesn’t make it less important and popular. Its name on Spanish means angel.

Los Angeles includes Hollywood which leads the world in the creation of television productions, video games, and recorded music. The Hollywood Bowl is a modern natural amphitheater in the Hollywood area that is used for music performances. Other important land marks are ‘‘Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels’’, “Walt Disney Concert Hall”, “Getty Villa” which is an educational center and museum dedicated to the study of the arts and cultures of ancient Greece, Rome,etc. Something that is the most important to us are beautiful beaches like Santa Monica Bay at Playa del Rey. We would love to visit MacArthur park with its amazing view, it is also very peaceful and relaxing place. Of course, we would love to stai in Malibue. In a house on the coast.

Los Angeles has plenty of sunshine during the year, with only 35 rainy days. It makes L.A. very attractive for tourism.

You can’t get bored in L.A. there are lots of things to do and see during the whole year. That is a lively city, especially at night. It has many places to visit like museums, galleries, festivals, operas, cinemas, etc. There are big chances to see the word known actors, actress or singers.

L.A. is one of the ours favourite cities. We want to go there, and we will one day. Perhaps when we visit L.A. we will lose our wish to get back here.

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