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How can I advertise my teaching service not being rude?


I want to teach Russian to foreigners on italki. I was approved as a Community Tutor, but I never received a message from a student willing to study. I don't want to send messages randomly to people who want to study Russian with language exchange partners, I think that would be annoying for them. The price of my lessons is low since I have little practice yet. I'd like to find a student to have more teaching practice and to have lessons regularly, but my schedule is not stable, so I'm affraid to state my free time on the site, it would be better to make an appointment when I find a student
How can I find students without dusturbing people that aren't looking for teachers?




Thank you for your response! I am patient, but maybe there is something I can do while I'm waiting, just to show students I'm preparing for my lessons. Like to create a series of lessons based on songs, or to make some paper on a grammar rule. But I don't know where to post it and how to let people know that I want to be a community tutor in a polite and unobtrusive way.
For example, if I post some grammar explanation in "Notebook" or "Discussions" part of the site, and add that I'm willing to help somebody as a community tutor - a thing like that is prohibited here I guess.

And I just don't want to be in the end of the list of teachers, I know that I need to have some activity on italki to let people know I exist.
(Sorry if I made some mistakes.) 


Hi Irina,

the best way to show your readiness and willingness is by making corrections to Notebook entries made by people learning the language you teach.  It is great practice for teachers and a good way of letting students see what you do/can do.  Often you will find that students are not those whom you assist with corrections but those who see them.  Another is to answer questions or to start discussion topics.  Good luck, this is a great site.


Thank you, Gillian! I will try my best!


I just signed up and I am an approved professional teacher and informal teacher. How long have you been on here for? I wish I would start getting enquiries quickly too. I was under the impression that it would have an immediate effect. There are too many people looking to learn for free on this website, which is quite misleading.

Hello Irina. You have only been an italki member since March 2013 and have a lot of competitors. I'm sure it's just a matter of patience. However, I would inquire at italki why your name does not appear on the list of Community Terachers. I wish you good luck.

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