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Looking for Japanese speakers who currently live in Seoul and interested in learning Chinese.


Hey, everyone. I'm a netive Chinese Mandarin speaker and I live in Seoul for now, and I want to meet netive Japanese speakers in reallty life (maybe we can meet at a cafe or somewhere else), if you live in Seoul and speak some English or Korean or Chinese, please contact me, so we can meet together and have coversation face to face, I believe that will be very helpful to improve our learning languages.


And ANYONE can send me message in ANYTIME.


中國語-日本語 語言交換 중국어-일본어 언어교환


My LINE ID: kevinzlee

My Kaotalk ID: kevinzlee

My WeChat ID: kaineli

Or you can send me message to my Korean mobile phone: 010-2721-1220 (please don't make phone call, because I may having lessons in the school.)


Thank you! By the way, my name is 李凱文,or you can call me Kevin or 자룡/ かいうん (I don't have Japanese name yet, holp you could help me pick one^^), And I'm a 20 years old boy. Thank you and hope will meet you soon.



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