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What do you think of the new italki social feed?


Have you noticed that you can now follow your friends activity on italki?  What is your feedback.



It's ok.

Great! Actually it bothered me that I couldn't see their activities easily. Now things are better. Thanks.

Shaimaa, I thought I was the only one who can't see their comments to their friends' entries. I thought a curse was put on me :P

Hey Sam, I'm unable to see recent notebook entry comments or my discussion comments until some few hours after they've been posted.   I didn't know if you were aware of this glitch.   Pre-season's greetings to all the football fans from Chicago ...  Da Bears!  

I still cannot see my friends' or my comments on ENTRIES in 'activity' option! So it seems i cannot follow my friend's activities properly! 

Plz  can anyone tell me how to follow my friends activities and my comments?thanks

oh its my first time on italki, and i should learn how to use it^_^


Oh, I didn't realise that I can follow my friend's activities.thanks!


Yes if you go to your home page dashboard you can click the button next to language updates that says social activity and see what all of your friends are posting.

I think it's sound a bit fun that we can meet new peep and learn another language :)

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