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Hi everybody

I have been a member of this site for about 1 year and find out that it is hard to

find steady language partners .

Do have the same problem in finding partners for learning any language?




Hi Shahin...
You're not alone! I mean I don't know why it happens.
I've been tried to find a good partner here as well but unfortunately unsuccessful yet.
I realized this problem most of time happens particulary with English, I see many people asking for english natives speakers but they don't find anyone! (I'm one of them)
So, I decide to using this site to practise my writing skills, at least they can be corrected by natives english =)

It's nice at least i find someone who have the same problem then let's invite others to communicate in active sessions not only passively correct the grammers ...:)

I know why it is happend but I can't write it here.

You can spend more time here and continue to find people who speak English or you can look for other sites where you can learn Englihs too and meet new people for chatting.

The best way for it - to find person who wants to learn your language.

Thanks for links irirna but I think learning a new language is often a long process and finding partners that really get invovled in this way is hard it is so easy to pay for a teacher but take much effort to know who is who , communicate with them and starting ...

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