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How is your ideal girl?

Hello everyone....


anyone has an own idea of ideal girl...maybe beacuse i find in a girl determinate characteristics, i am still single....I would like to wonder to you how is your ideal girl?? And at the same time, is there the perfect girl?


Thanks in advance



I had ever had ideal girl in my mind. I found that might be created by stars or singers. So it was quite shock that they could dance and singing at the same time. I meant There was some point where could not sing after dancing too much. It was very sad to find they did fake performance. It usually happens on pop singers. So I spent much time to break the perfect feature.

I watched a french small advertisment, I think the theme is that told me women is not perfect.

I think that give me an introspection but that fat and little old woman performanced cute indeed.

Anyway I am getting to accept natural girls instead of perfec girls.

17 years ago I was singe and one day I wrote one text about ideal man which I want to meet as my husband. I wrote what kind of man I want to meet, what kind of relations I want to have with him. What I want to do and to get from our relations. You need to write honestly and exactly what do you want to have in your life. After that I have thought that this man can't being in real life and I forgot about this text. After two years I met my husband and we understood that we are ideal partners for each other. We have happy family very long time (15th year)

have you  got any idea about ideal girl?? if yes tell me)))


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