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I need help please.



My name is Alexis and I'm French.


I would like to speak an excellent level in English can you help me? I'm looking for native English speakers. I'm open-minded and laid-back and also I have a Skype account which is Iskandar1504.


If you want to learn French, I can help you too with pleasure :) (even if your level is very weak, I could give you advices and my help and I'm a very patient person, so don't worry)





Have a good day






Hi Alexis, I would be more than happy to help you with your English. Take a look at my profile if you are interested!



Hi Alexis,


I can help you with your English. :) I would also like to improve my French, so we can help each other!

Youuhuuu :0


My mothers said, French language is very romantic! :)


english is pretty cool to learn, its easy if you love to watching american box office film. it will help your pronounciation getting well.

Bonjour! Ca va? Je m'appelle Paola. J'etudie le francais au lycee (years ago) et je voudrais commencer a pratiquer a nouveau. Peut-etre tu peux m'aider? Merci et au revoir! :)

Bonjour! jm'appelle TaylorJane ! 

I am also a very patient person and would love help with French. 

I have Skype taylorjane.cunningham 

i would be happy to have conversations to help each other learn. 

I am also very interested about other places I have never been so I may ask questions like that. 

Hopefully hear from you soon. 


TaylorJane ^ ^


I am in need of learning French fluently, in a short period of time and would love any help you could give me in exchange for English help.  I am a native English speaker as well as being able to read and write at a very proficient level.

I am very patient as well and would very much appreciate any help or direction you could give me :)


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