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What types of friend do you like?

Individually, I like a friend who likes reading novel. Because it's my hobby. Generally I love all who can be patient with my responds.




Hi Elva,


I like friends who are caring, reliable and kind.

What areas are they reliable?

Honest, reliable, respect for others

I just want a friend who doesn't get jealous easily and is true and loyal to me. 

i read a passage that tells friends are divided into different kinds ....  convenient friends ,historistical friends , playmates . and crossroads friends ....among them, crossroads friends is the most valuable ....i want to have a such friends sharing the same hobby and we know each other a lot .  

I search a true friend

I like friends are loyal, sincere, who love books, talking, traveling....So, friends that I can trust and I can be trully me.

I like friends who are open-minded, funny and adventurous. Someone who I won't have a bad time with, yet, at the same time, I can have intelligent, wonderful, conversation with :)

i'm a little bit picky when it comes to friends. I like my friend to be

kind , loyal,funny , and honest .

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