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Do you believe falling in love at first sight?

And do you think it will be able to keep a good relationship each other as a partner?

I believe this, because the first impression is the most influence thing at meeting.



yeah with this man

yes.when fall in love at first sight,i was looking to my mothers eyes,and im still in love with her 

Yes, I believe in love at first sight. However, love at first sight has much to do with attraction which is no guarantee for a long lasting relationship. But you may get lucky, like me!

Yeahh..i  believe  in love at first sight..but  loving someone and having love  deeply  doesnt mean you can take your relation till endless and you will be happy..But if two sides feel the same feelings  then yes it keeps  maybe till forever..(pls make me correct or advice me better sentence for referring instead of any sentence in English grammer).Thanks

love??? definitely NO.  LIKE at first sight - yes... .

Yeah! I'm sure because I have felt it. But I think it's not love as mutual understanding, respect and harmony. It's passion, probably caused by something like major histocompatibility complex. Have you ever heard about it?

No. Maybe lust at first sight or perhaps a development of a crush, but not love. 

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