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Tell me about the life

                                             Describe the life, and How you see it? what you are learn from the life? I tkink the life like a long exam, and How I see,It is (  happy,sad,strong,weak,work,rest,cry,smile,light,dark,love,hate.....................etc) but It too hard to understand life. but I learned go with life and do not try to explain the life.     




just abad joke...    like    old ugly dirty man have not tooth lough about us ..

I think there's no reason to think what is the life, and what should we do with it. We just should live ant take everything prepared to us on this way. I love this life with its every misfortune and every fortune, because life is only and we can't get another one =)

Life is for living, good or bad, boring or fun. We are in it and in my opinion is a challenge which sooner or later all will win. So we have to enjoy it, as one said my mother. When life have taste even tears are seasoning. Hello from Mexico, the land of flavor. :D

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