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Travel in U.S

I will go US for travel in next month  who can tell me about NYC?  where place is worth going in NYC?  


My plan is first go to NYC and stay there almost 2 days and then go to visit yellow stone national park ( i love nature scenery )  and then go Las Vegas.  and then  i didn't plan yet where can i go to do something. if you have amazing plan and think please tell me.



NYC is big, crowded, noisy, and exciting.   In “almost 2 days” you could visit the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial, Time Square, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and take a boat ride around Manhattan. Travel around on the subway. Have a good time.


After Las Vegas, consider visiting the Grand Canyon in northwest Arizona, and not too far from Las Vegas.


Visiting San Francisco, California is another possibility.


Let us know if you expect to have still more time, and I’ll try to suggest more places to visit.

You should try to visit Washington DC. My advice is that Las Vegas isn't worth going to unless you want to go to the casinos or gamble. You can spend so much time just in the museums in NYC. You should visit Central Park in NYC and the Metroplolitan Museum of Art too. There are so many things to see in each of the cities you named. Also, just a side note. The US is HUGE. It will take around 5 hours by plane to go from NYC to Las Vegas... keep that in mind. 


Hope this helped!

I think you should defintely see the Grand Canyon. I have seen all of the suggestions you have received and by far the most impactful was the Grand Canyon. It is so breathtaking, pictures can't do it justice.

Great, have a nice trip and take care. Enjoy yourself and share your wonderful trip with us after it.

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