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I need help with Swahili

Hallo everyone


Im Jia from indonesia

i'm just starting to learn swahili by myself

i still don't know much anyway

so i need help from swahili speakers to help me

feel free to add my skype : pujia.muksita








Hi Jia


Swahili is not a language in demand unfortuneatley. The other big problem that we share is that the great bulk of Swahili speakers are living in a different timezone. I have noted you Skype address and will send you some Swahili material that might be of help to you.




Hi Jia,

Swahili is spoken in the whole of East and Central Africa and has a future. In Kenya alone, above 42 million people speak Swahili as their local national language besides English for official matters. If you have an innovation that is yet in this region, it'd be a great business opportunity- but you'd need Swahili to explain, write your manuals, etc.

Try Swahili. It is fun to learn. It is good. I also can assist if you'd like.

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