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to learn english

how do you learn English effective?



practise with my foreigh teacher and sometimes chat with some foeigh friends online,besides,i also listen to some possible music about english,it's really a good way

iF you want to learn  English effectively, the best policy is to go to PROFESSIONAL language school as far as i know . There are very specialized teachers who can teach English in proper method and you can be immersed in a full English environment all day long. Perhaps , it is not realistic or feasible for most people who living in non English speaking countries , however , it is predictable learn English more efficiently . That is why so many language schools were founded . Try to make your own suitable environment  simulating a profession language school, then you may learn English effectively. Of course , if you can stay in English countries , you could speak and listening as much as you can,  Neverthless , i have heard someone living in English countries for a long time , still shortage of sufficient English ability to communicate deeply  with native English speakers. that is why i think language school is the best option to learn English effectively .



tatayang: thx for your suggestion..

but what the meaning of "foreigh" ?

i don't understand..

tell me please

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