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can you memorise these wordsin a minute?
if your answer is no, lets try a method
friends you should just imagine. here we go


while you are telling carpet, think that a huge carpet going out from your mouth. Ok after carpet our second word is paper. We should associate them. İt is Look at the carpet on floor. Carpet is made by paper.paper carpet. You are walking on carpet and there is a strange voice of paper. And then paper is rending can you see? Then you are regretful because of you bought this carpet. Next word is bottle. You wanna read something from paper but you looked at your hand and there is a huge bottle and there are writings on bottle. You surprised and you gave up and bottle shattered. Next word is bed. Think that there is a terrific bed in bottle and you are sleeping on bed. And when i close the bottle cap of bottle, you cant take breath. İ magine that! Next word is fish. You are sleeping on your bed and suddenly you feel a wet . there is something wet beside you. You are looking and WHAT IS THAT! A huge fish even it smells fish. You are very surprised. Next word is chair. The fish is going out from beside and sitting down on a chair. You are surprised. You are going and getting the chair which is under the fish. Next word is window. You are throwing chair to window. And window is shattering.

and now you wont forget these words. lets try to memorise. what is first word? 




good dreamer :)

hahaha yeah. isnt it helpful? ;)

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