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The many reasons (31 so far) why we DON’T succeed in learning languages, and retorts for why we can...


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I believe that if a person does not learn a language, there is only one reason: She or he does NOT want to.


Any one can learn a language IF she or he really, really, really wants to.


For example, I have been studying Chinese since 1960 (I'm 76 years old). I can now read a news article (with a dictionary) and get the main idea. But I still canNOT speak, write, or understand it. I am the only one to blame -- NOT the language. I have NO reason to learn how to speak, write, or understand it. So I am too lazy to put in the effort.


A person needs a REASON to learn a language.  Then she or he WILL learn it.


NO language is too difficult for someone who has a NEED to learn it!


I agree with James. There are so many people making various excuses.

Learning a language is a lot like learning how to play a musical instrument or sports. If you keep complaining about your circumstances, you won't be able to improve anything. 

In my opinion, it's not about the right time, or the right tool, or the right environment because there is no such thing as the perfect condition. 

Also, I'd like to mention that learning from a good teacher is a blessing. Once I had a great teacher, she really helped me a lot because she believed in my abilities more than I did.  

It is a good article.  I think the excuse I make is that I am busy.  I schedule lessons and talk, but in my free time I never study :(  

I think we must work smart to get good learn in any language. For example I'm graduated from college of languages in depart ment of English since seven years ago. But untill now I'm still learn English to get more knowledge in English. But sometimes I feel  furstrated and leaved learning because of more times I fail to discover some information about some topics about English especially about grammar. But I must stay and continue learn English until I find out the best and correct ways about how can I get good learning in Engish language.

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