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I want to learn business English. Can you please give me advice?

I want to learn business English and upgrade my speaking skills.


I don't have any non-Japanese friends who live in Japan so I have very little chance to speak English in person. I often speak to myself in English for practice but I don't know it really works.


How can I acquire superb English in Japan? :'(



Thank you.



Haha, Im in the opposite situation. Im learning Japanese in America and have no Japanese speaking friends to practice with. What I usually do is watch TV shows in Japanese (or in your case English) and read the subtitles. It helps you pick up some phrases and words easily. You can find good English/American TV online. Also keep a small journal and write down some interesting things you learn and repeat them to yourself every once in a while. Another thing that I like to do is when asked a question by one of your friends or family members, reply in the language you are learning and then in your native language. Whether they know what you are saying or not, its good practice and you could even teach them some stuff with you (if they don't mind that is). If you'd like, we could talk sometime and you could practice with me and I could practice Japanese with you. Good luck learning English!

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