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Myth of dreaming snake

I just woke up. And found my self still sleepy. I could not sleep well last night because i got a ban dream. Snakes around me! i hate snakes :(

Anyway, Indonesia has a myth about dreaming snake. It says that when you dream about snake then there is someone really love you. if the snake bite you, there is someone will propose you. For me i don't believe it because i think everyone wants someone loves him/her, no excuse for me. But i dont want it comes to my dream as a snake haha26 :P

Whatever,my turkish friend said snake in a dream means you have someone really hates you :O

So, friends this is interesting. I want to know other myths for other countries about snake. Tell me, maybe we can laugh it together. :)



Here, it means to be careful of someone who wants to harm you. That is where the term 'A snake in the grass' comes from.


In India, dreaming about snakes means you have enemies! Beware! 

it means you dont washing yours foot before sleep :) keep clean and keep positive thinking... :)

Snakes are the character nature of some persons you know.  They are seen symbolically as "snakes", but these are the kind of people that are untrustworthy, they are sneaky and sly.  They are lie-in-wait kind of people.  Having them show up in your dreams simply means that there are some people you just don't trust.  


Consider the action, and you'll identify the individual(s).



((Dream interpreter for over 20 years))



WooW!! so interesting. . . 3 friends said it was a bad thing with my turkish friend you are 4. indonesian myth was lost haha26 :P


haries, yeah i didnt wash my feet last night. . :D another indonesian Myth :P 

Hi! Well, here in Brazil, I heard something about snakes in dreams means that a betrayal is coming... But I don't believe that it really will happens, I guess it's more like the other person said, that you may dreamed because your unconscious remember you that you don't trust in someone, and this person who you don't trust seems like a snake for you (like a animal you don't like and you can't trust).

But there are so much people here in Brazil who really believe that a dream can be a message for us keeping alert, a way for us knowing about the future. I think the indonesians maybe think in the same way (this is true?). This is a very interesting topic of conversation. :) 

Paloma, in indonesia it means someone really loves you. Then, if the snake bites u, it means someone will propose you. . :D
Thanks for sharing friends. . :)

I never believe those things,it is only one dream,and can,t say any thing.

Well, I have studied dreams for over 20 years and can tell you that dreams have significant meaning!  I teach people how to identify what is written within dreams.

whooaaaa!!! know1ders, teach me how to read it. . :O
Hio, it is okay. . . i dont believe it too. . but maybe we can share our culture here :)

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