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For the song--- I Wish You Love, whose cover version is your favourite?

The classic jazz song I Wish You Love has many cover versions till now, like Dean Martin's, Nat King Cole's, Andy Williams's, Michael Buble's, Arielle Dombasle's etc.

For me i love Arielle Dombasle's cover best. Her voice is so tender and sad which perfectly chanted  the lover's broken heart. "Never love ever friend". The lyric is really beautiful by the way.


So which cover version is your best?



Sorry, I didn't know that was Ella Fitzgerald's birthday till you told me so. Yeah I'm a big classic Jazz fan, and totally into it. Those big artists like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald etc are my idles.For singing, I can only carry a few tunes though. You must have a tons of fun back at Jazz Group in college. Envy you :)  Which singer is your favourite by the way?

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