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be pessimistic, it's a trend, it's a status symoble especially among comparatively low-income people in China, some lunatic even sold their kidney to buy a iphone, in that case, I don't think those people are capable to understand how to enjoy iphone. before apple's popularity, it's stuff are kind of exclusive to artists, even now, in terms of function, they are too simple to these real experts of any field, too complex to these low-educated people who actually have strong desire to apple products, considering as precious gem, consolation psychologically. actully in China, low-income families have the most apply products.

my opinion, it's quality is good, far more than others if not counting the price, it's small and delicate, when I hold a apply product, it gives me satisfaction, like miniature complex something, no wonder lots of people like it. If I am rich, I'll buy tons of these just for fun. convinence is out of question, Chinese don't tend to spend money on itune and apply store, let along those stuff are preposterous pricey, I mean you got addicted to buying things on that, spending dosh inadvertently. yes I am green with envy, to those people willing to spend a large propotion of there salary on apple. I wish I were rich already.



Iphone's are easier to pay off in America because you get it on a plan where you pay money back at certain times. Almost everyone here has an Iphone, but people who cannot afford it do not (they don't sell their kidneys, thank god!). In contrast, in India you buy your phones by paying all the money at once. Still, there are too many people with the Iphone (and smartphones in general). I think people think of the Iphone as more of a necessity nowadays and because so many people have it, people who don't have it, must also get pressured into buying it too. 

Mac's on the other hand are really stable, in my opinion and I am glad i invested in one! A phone however where I will have to change almost every year or two, is not really worth it... 

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