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If you could take a week and travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

individually,i would go to usa and visit los angeles or las vegas,cause i love this citys.



*cities :)
I would go to Los Angeles too.

i would go to the dragon fight in hubei

i will travel from the nearby country,such as Japan,Korea,Thailand

i will travel around china

I would travel as much of India as I can. :D

Colombo, Sri Lanka and Montreal Quebec, my hometowns


Istanbul, Turkey generally.  As a country of fabulous history and (mostly) gentle moderate culture.


Chelsea you won't get to see much of China in one week!  I just spent 2 months there and still only saw a fraction of China.  In one week you could only see Guangzhou Guilin and Yangshuo... :)

thanks for comments everybody.


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