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Will this video change your point of view for the Islam؟

hi everyone

I see a lot of opinions about the Islamic religion, I wanted to share this video with you to the definition of Islam and know your impressions about the video



@Steve H, do you belive can one thing even so simple exist without any plan or any master? How do you think, even one needle, one letter, one pen, one glass exist without any producers, any writers or any masters. If something made for a special aim, with good plan and harmoniously with other things, can we think this things exist by itself or casual? No things in our universe are aimless, objectless, useless, casual and randomly. If all things in our universe create special aim, special object, special benefit and great wisdom, great knowledge, great power, we can not say they are made byself or casual. Once we should think about this kind of things. If there is a letter, there must be a writer; if there is a noddle, there must be a master; if there is a palaca, there must be an architect; if there is an art, there must be an artist; and if there is a created, there must be a creator. Who is God? We can discuss after this, but firstly we should accept no things can not exist without any plan, any master and any creator. If we agree this simple things we can continue. 

@Steve H, I apologise for my reply late. Do you mean we are simple created things and our world and universe are simple and easy to construct things? There is a problem in here. We can know all evolutionary theories and researches. All they researches has a problem. They couldn't  explain that how can wonderfull things occur from simple things. There are big differencies between to explain process and to explain happens. We can know all process about genesis,  but process couldn't explain how, why and who questions about creatures. If one creatur give some answers to how, why and who questions, we couldn't think that this thing occurs suddenly, casual and byself. I have to repeat, if there is an art, it has to be an artist.  We should think mor about how, why and who questions about our Universe than process of genesis. I can accept it is not easy. 

Hello guys

thank`s makdis To your comment

and mr.steve

I've found you a deep knowledge of the multiple aspects of the religion of Islam
And I want to take with you a lengthy interview about life and religions result generally either to convince me you think that either supports my point of view

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