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Will this video change your point of view for the Islam؟

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I see a lot of opinions about the Islamic religion, I wanted to share this video with you to the definition of Islam and know your impressions about the video



No, this video didn't change my viewpoint about Islam. I'm a non-believer in "Islam" for several reasons:

"Allah" is a delusion. God is an imaginary friend for grown-ups. "Religion is the opiate of the people.", Karl Marx, 1843. There is a gene that determines whether people are religious or not. This gene is known as the God gene, (VMAT2). Humans don't have free will. I don't believe in a God who can judge us, because our behavior is determined by our DNA and life circumstances that are beyond our control. The belief in heaven provides comfort for the religious family who has suffered from the death of its beloved child. When a child dies, its religious family believes that they will someday reunite with their child and get to know their child in heaven. What really happens to "the souls" of children who die? Why should they get a free pass to heaven, even if they would have become evil adults who would have rebelled against God? Why must adults live through the sufferings of this life before we go to heaven or hell, while all the children who die always go straight to heaven?

The fourth pillar of Islam, Ramadan fasting, can't be equally followed and adhered to by everybody in the world.

Muhammad was either not aware that the Earth was round or that it is tilted on its axis. Ramadan fasting rules, as written on behalf of Muhammad in the Quran, require dawn to dusk fasting for Islamic followers worldwide during the month of Ramadan. Muhammad would have wanted this law applied equally to all regions of the world. He would have had to think that day and night were equal periods of time for all people who lived everywhere. Equal periods of day and night could only exist everywhere during the summer months of Ramadan, if the Earth were flat or if the Earth were round without a tilt of its axis. Either of these beliefs, which Muhammad would have had to believe, is wrong and shows that Muhammad was not divinely inspired. The dawn to dusk fasting rules as written in the Quran does not apply equally to all persons in all regions. Because the southern most inhabitants experience very short days during Ramadan, and they would only be required to fast for a few hours a day. The northern most inhabitants experience daylight throughout the month of Ramadan, and they would die from starvation while fasting for a whole month without food and drink. Nowhere in the Quran is it written that people of the polar regions can break their fast at the time of sunset until sunrise of the country next to them. This law was added later in Islam in order to correct a stupid mistake made, as written on behalf of Muhammad, for the dawn to dusk fasting law during Ramadan.

Men and religion should not discriminate against women, and worldy government is needed to make the same laws for men and women and then apply the laws equally to men and women. Government and laws are necessary for women to be treated equally to men. Women should be able to legally own or inherit land, marry or divorce freely whom they wish, travel and socialize freely as they wish, women's testimonies in court should be equal to that of men's testimonies in court, the same amount of public funds should be spent to educate women as is done to educate men. Women should have the same job opportunities and equal pay as their male counterparts. I would like to see more female police, soldiers, government officials and high court judges. I trust women nowadays to do jobs that were traditionally done by men. I have voted for many women to serve as judges or public school board officials. I have also voted for a female U.S. Senate candidate. A U.S. senator is the most powerful legislative branch government official in my country. I have a female doctor whom I trust to examine my whole body. I trust women nowadays to do jobs that used to be done predominantly by men. Women need to be more trusted nowadays to help men rule the world, and men should equally share wealth and power with women. I believe that Islamic law prohibits women from having all the same social, political and economic rights as do men.

The following are some of the verses from the Quran that do discriminate against women: (1) The male shall have the equal of the portion of two females (Qur'an 4:11), (2) Men are managers of the affairs of women because Allah has made the one superior to the other (Qur'an 4:34), (3) ... and call in to witness from among your men two witnesses; but if there are not two men, then one man and two women from among those whom you choose to be witnesses, so that if one of the two errs, the second of the two may remind the other; and the witnesses should not refuse when they are summoned ...(Qur'an 2:82). Women and men do have equal economic, legal and social status in our wealthy and powerful nation; because we reject these laws and teachings from the Quran.

I understand that everybody has a differerent God (VMAT2) gene and comes from a different set of circumstances. I can't fault anybody for their religious beliefs which nobody has control over. I don't mean to disrespect any belief system. I've only constructively criticized the problems which belong to all organized major religion, not just Islam. I simply don't want to give anybody some false hope for immortality in paradise, nor do I want to have anybody worry about going to hell. I simply want to wish that everyone could prosper and live as long as possible in this life and world; it is the only life and world that we will ever have. Please, live long and prosperous!

@Steve H, do you belive can one thing even so simple exist without any plan or any master? How do you think, even one needle, one letter, one pen, one glass exist without any producers, any writers or any masters. If something made for a special aim, with good plan and harmoniously with other things, can we think this things exist by itself or casual? No things in our universe are aimless, objectless, useless, casual and randomly. If all things in our universe create special aim, special object, special benefit and great wisdom, great knowledge, great power, we can not say they are made byself or casual. Once we should think about this kind of things. If there is a letter, there must be a writer; if there is a noddle, there must be a master; if there is a palaca, there must be an architect; if there is an art, there must be an artist; and if there is a created, there must be a creator. Who is God? We can discuss after this, but firstly we should accept no things can not exist without any plan, any master and any creator. If we agree this simple things we can continue. 

@makdis57 ...  All life, including humans, naturally evolved from a simple single-celled organism. Abiogenesis is the branch of evolutionary research that seeks to understand and explain how life arose from non-life.  Biopoiesis is a natural process by which life arises from simple organic compounds.

@Steve H, I apologise for my reply late. Do you mean we are simple created things and our world and universe are simple and easy to construct things? There is a problem in here. We can know all evolutionary theories and researches. All they researches has a problem. They couldn't  explain that how can wonderfull things occur from simple things. There are big differencies between to explain process and to explain happens. We can know all process about genesis,  but process couldn't explain how, why and who questions about creatures. If one creatur give some answers to how, why and who questions, we couldn't think that this thing occurs suddenly, casual and byself. I have to repeat, if there is an art, it has to be an artist.  We should think mor about how, why and who questions about our Universe than process of genesis. I can accept it is not easy. 

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