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friends from all over the world, what do you think of China?

could you guys tell me your impression on China?

1 What do you think of China?

2 What do you think of China's socialism(advantages and disadvanges)?

3 What do you think of your country's capitalism(advantages and disadvanges)?

4 In your opinion,what's the biggest problem of socialism and of capitalism?

5 What's the biggest problem in your country now?

6 Which social system has  a  brighter future,socialism or capitalism?


Pleas tell me your nationality and your country's social system and the answers to the questions above. I really appreciate your reply.





1. This is what I think about China:


a. It is the second most important country in the world.

b. All countries respect (and fear) China.

c. My country (the United States) needs China's help to preserve world peace.

d. China is not a democracy, BUT the government works very hard to give the people a prosperous life (jobs, education, medical attention, transportation, etc.)


i. There are some "democratic" countries where the elections are NOT honest, and where the leaders use all the money for their families. They do not care about the people.


2. In my opinion, there are no more socialist or capitalist countries.  China is no longer a socialist country; The United States is no longer a capitalist country.  All countries are a mixture of socialism and capitalism.


I'm British, and my country's social system is a mixture of capitalism and socialism. This means that business have quite a lot of freedom, but they are regulated by the government. It also means that individuals and businesses pay taxes which are used to pay for education, healthcare, and support for people who are unemployed or paid too little.


I agree with James, China is not a socialist country. China now has thousands of private businesses. A socialist country has no private businesses, all of them are owned and controlled by the state. But the Chinese state has quite a lot of control over businesses in China, especially very large banks and investment funds, so people often refer to the Chinese system as 'state capitalism'.

We really enjoyed our time in China. The best part of China? The people. It is a bit overwhelming how many people there are in China. Beijing had the most crowded subway we ever saw.

The worst part of China is the pollution and food safety. We have traveled all over the world and it is the worst we have ever seen.

I think freedom for all people is the best solution and that is a challenge to find with capitalism or socialism.

1 What do you think of China? There are many words to describe China both good and bad. Here are some words and not all I would describe China. The good would be how you're education system actually produces smart students and you're economy provides many economic opportunities. The bad would be the pollution in your country and trust issues in your country (the government mostly)

2 What do you think of China's socialism(advantages and disadvanges)?China is in no way a Socialist country. Yes it may have a few companies under government control but there are still a lot more companies that are independently owned and controlled. You may say its socialist since the government controls everything and can take anything if they truely wanted to but you could say that for any government including the United States.

3 What do you think of your country's capitalism(advantages and disadvanges)?I see the United States education system allowing us to go and enjoy extracurricular activies which allows us to expand our knowledge, though they may not always be book smarts. Our diversity, in government and people, keeps everyone under control so it is impossible to have a dictatorship and diversity creates where trust matters a lot. A negative thing is that our diversity causes us to be slow because we have check and balance system to make sure everyone is not mad at the decisions being made.

4 In your opinion,what's the biggest problem of socialism and of capitalism?The biggest problem is greed

5 What's the biggest problem in your country now? We have extremists controlling the government which makes compromising impossible hence making the government useless.

6 Which social system has a brighter future,socialism or capitalism? Capitalism with a hint of socialism. A perfect example of this is the United States, Canada, and the E.U.

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