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Is there any fans for the Vampire Diary or the Glee?

I'm a Chinese girl. and I love the American dramas. My favorites are the vampire diary and the glee.Is there any fans of both of the V and G?I'd like to share something with you ! Or do you have some special dramas you love very much ? I'll be very glad if you recommend one or two.



Hey! I'm a French girl who learn English cause i'm a BIG fan of the USA and of Glee so i really want (if it's not a problem of course). :D I went to the episode 19 of season 4 and you? see you ;) (just can you tell me how old are you (i'm 16) ;) bye 

@Sarah Why can't I reply separately? Wow ,It's a bug of the website!


First , It's nice to meet you here! In the beginning ,My aim is to learn English ,because I heard it from one of my senior that it's efficient to practice English in the process of watching American dramas . but last I failed. I just can't help watching it! ~~~~(>_<)~~~~ the good news is that I still learn a lot at the same time of enjoying the dramas.


In China ,the V~D just updates to 18. so ,what a pity! I have waited for almost two or more weeks.But I'll catch you in a short of time.(^_^)


And I'm 21 now. I'm a college student in China. Really good to meet you~And let's keep in touch~O(∩_∩)O~

@CJ Hepp 

    Thanks for your recommendations. I haven't heard any of them before. And I have searched all of your recommendations. I thought that I'll have a lot of funny time!

    About the V&D, At first, I thought that Stefan and Elena are the perfect couple. They are just made of each other! But with the development of the plot, Damon is also suitable for Elena.

    Damon is the kind of boy who are Bad for the world, but only good for you. Wow , It's just every girl's dreamlover! My heart said Damon ,But I still feel sad for Stefan. He is really another kind of dreamlover, just like the prince charming with the write horse. Oh ,Damon is the prince with black horse.hah~Looking forward to the happy ending!

Hello, I am a very big fan of Vampire Diaries! I do not watch Glee (only watched an episode or two - was not captivated for some reason!).


I'd also like to back up CJ Hepp and say that Smallville might be a good one for you. I've watched all the seasons and they were all amazing.


@CJ Hepp, If I may answer your question (which I believe was posed to samara?), I think I'm one of the strangest VD's fan because I do not have that much interest in Elena's love life. The only one I'm concerned about is Rebekah and Matt. However, with talk of the originals I am worried they may never happen!

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