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Are you a night person?

Speaking of sleeping late, maybe be called night owl. They usually go to bed after midnight.


So are you a night person or a moring person?


If you are a night person, how do you spend your time at night? Playing games, watching movies.....



I am a night person)
I spend my time in the computer games, or in social networks, or I go to read book) 

Yup and depends

I usually like to stay up till late night, but I also love to wake up early in the morning.  I just feel the day is longer.


I tend to watch movies more but I spend a lot of time reading news, watching youtube videos, reply to forum discussions and browsing social networking websites. 

i'm a night person

Learn English with watching TV or read books

I have no choice but to stay awake at night and sleep at morning because I work at night. I find it good working at night because its nohot and less traffic... I hate to wake up early in the morning is one of my reason as well. 

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