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Is the Arabic Script version of indonesian still used?

I was wondering, since i am learning indonesian, that if the arabic script for indonesian is still used.



hmm... arabic script itu arabic alphabet ya?

arabic script is used for what?

by that i mean is the arabic alphabet still used for writing indonesian

like this بسم الله ?

No. why?

oh i get it, you just wondering right?


i understand your question,
in indonesia , that script mentioned by "aksara arab melayu" or "abjad jawi"
 historical , the first indonesian language adopted by malay language, in 14 th century..all of malay language using arabic script as the formal writing structure.  rumi (latin)
alphabet script had been using since 19 th century , with modern structure for malay and indonesian languages.
in several islamic school , aksara arab melayu still used as a lesson,its aimed to make easy student to study arabic as the islamic language.
but , its not used again as formal language.

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