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is a woman’s place at home?i don't think so.what about you?

a woman's place is not at home. Women are human beings just as men are, and social standards should not dictate where any human being belongs. Women should be able to decide what they would like to focus on - choice is key. Once you take away such a big choice



I fully agree with both of you. Women should have the right to choose what they want, everywhere in the world. Even in lovely Iran. I'd be bored to be in home.



I believe that a woman's place is in the home.


When the children return from school, Mother should be there to give them a snack and encourage them to do their homework; when Father returns from a hard day's work, Mother should have a delicious meal ready for him.


Fathers and mothers are very important, but a (good!) mother is very special, especially when children are growing up.


BUT I realize that in 2013, it is not possible for most women to remain in the home:


a. Here in the United States, many familes are one-parent families.  So the mother has to work.

b. Even in two-parent families, the mother often has to work, for living expenses are very high.


In a perfect world, the father would work; the mother would be a perfect housewife. I think that there are so many problems today with children because mother is not at home. But I understand that the world has changed since I was born in 1937.

I believe that men have also same ability to raise their children like women.
So, if women earn more than men, he can stay home and do housework. 

It's depends on each couples, but that choice should always be there for both of them.
Not because of the society or difficulties of womens career. 

Regarding women with children, I approach the question not from the viewpoint of woman's rights, but from the viewpoint of children's needs.  Young children need their mother's presence so that their mother can show them love, and comfort and console them, at the very moment a mother's love, comfort, and consolation are needed.  In addition, babies need their mother's presence in order to be breastfed.  Thus, the optimal situation for any child from birth until about five years old is to be with his mother; and for most mothers and children, this can only be at home.  The father is not a sufficient substitute.  The father cannot breastfeed the child, nor soothe its physical and psychological hurts as well as a mother can.  This is because women are inherently more loving and compassionate than men.  


As for women without children, or with children who are mature enough to spend time away from their mother, I cannot see any reason to be concerned about whether they stay home or not.



I'm a woman, so I'm definitely sure that women are not created stay-at-home persons and shouldn't be dedicated for housworks only. It was absolutely sad and unpleasant to hear from my husband that I have to clean everything just because I'm a wife in spite of it was properly hard to do some things because of my small height (to clean windows or chandeliers, for exemple). I'm sure, it's absolutely bizzare and uncorrect if the wife cooks and cleans everything meanwhile the husband watch films or plays computer games =(

nice comments everybody,thanks.


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