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That's start building up a sequence in Korean :)))) Just look it as a game.

for example:


사과 -> 과일 -> 일요일 -> ....


ok Let's start from "반응" (response)



응원 ;)

I know this game is called "しりとり" (shiritori) in Japan, but I'm not sure about its Korean name.. just got "말잇기 놀이" .. it's better play in a multiple user chat, but we can do it here too :) I used to make and play different vocab games with my friends.. for example how much words starting with a certain letter do you know.. or how much words with certain number of letters do you know, or association games - but not just random words but let's say adjective first, then noun, then verb then noun.. etc etc :)

원더걸스.. ;) I swear I'm not KPop victim Korean learner but I don't know why I can't think of anything else.. so... 스

스타일 ...:) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


I think the song " PSY - Gangnam Style " is famous around the world.


So .... Let's start from 일 

일본 ^__^ .... i really liked this game haha 

  let's make a long list =)

      so its ... 본

In Korean, this game is called "끝말잇기", and we must use only a noun in this game.


본.....본마음( means "one's real intention" or "one's heart")





음반 = record

haha.. :D I'm just giving a try. 

반친구: classmate.


구조 (rescue or structure)

조사 : research


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