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What's your favorite city in the world, why ?

What's your favorite city in the world, why ?



i would love t go to korea specially seoul.I'm a kd lover so i'm dying to go and to enjoy at this beautiful city i'll have very fun and i'll have a chance to meet kim bum there and aste their lovely food i can't wait to go 

Yeah, actually i like a lot of cities in the world. one of those is seoul..

I think is London.

I had been there one time and I fell in love with the city.

My favorite city is Londo, so great I love it

My favorite city is St. Petersburg in Russia

Montreal, Canada and Colombo, Sri Lanka- because i grew up in those cities, so lots of memories : )

Istanbul... not enough words to describe it :)

Istanbul, Definately

I think there are a lot of wonderful cities, but if I have to choose one then I prefer New York because all things are made a big.


Seoul and London <33

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