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I am afraid to speak English. When I speak with foreigner , I feel very nervious and shy. therefore I can't speak fluently and even open my mouth.  I hope I can find someone to help me. we can communicte by MSN or QQ. My MSN is if you are the one.



For many people, speaking English for first time feel like nervous and not remembering exact word, also some time feel like yourself incorrect with words or grammar, even if you are right. Like that what you experience, so it is not an unusual. So, I wish to say you don't need to feel upset, or loss your hope for practice spoken English. I hope you can improve with confident and courage.


Before speaking with any Foreign people, you can write some notes upon what you need to talk with them. so, you can easily read and elaborate your view and point. also practice by speaking yourself alone. also memorize some basic expression that what you usually need to say with people.


English is native language of US, Australia and UK. Most of European people themself are not good with english speaking. So don't ever hestitate to communicate with them. they will welcome you for sharing your own Mother language and culture.


那你努力学习吧, 加油。



thank you. I am trying.

Hi! I don't skype or message, but if you would like for me to correct your written
English I will be glad to. Don't be afraid to speak English. I admire people for trying to learn English. It is a very difficult language with a lot of inconsistancies in it's pronunciation. One of my good friends speaks English as her second language. She has lived here in the U.S. for over 30years, her grammar and pronuncition isn't always perfect, but I always understand her!

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