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the age to answer for a crime should decrease?

Hi everybody! In my country people are adult when they are 18 years old. Then when a person with less than 18 years make a crime commits a crime, even if they kill someone, this one not pay like adult. Now there are a discussion in my country. the age to answer for a crime should decrease? I agree. There are boys that kill others for nothing and without pity. What do you think about it?




Prison makes nobody a better person. If you make people pay more, they will get more hatred because of that. There must be another way to make people see the world in a different way.

People affect people - right? So if a 17y.o. guy comes to jail for killing, he will meet so many killers like him, will that make him a better citizen?

I agree with you: a murderer should be executed -- no matter what his age is.


Here in the United States, capital punishment (executing people) is disappearing.


Here in California, there are more than 700 murderers waiting to be executed, but everybody knows that they will NEVER be executed! So they will live in prison (while their victims lie in their graves).


Also, here in the United States they do not execute children -- even if the child murdered someone in a very cruel way. I think that murderers should be executed -- be they 14 years old or 114 years old.


The government cares too much about the murderer -- not enough about the familes of the victim.

That is an interesting question.

I somethimes think the age should be lowered as well but then, where would I draw the line? At 17, 16, 15, 14 or 13?

I think it depends on each case and individual. Some kids are still still kids at 18 and over.

One thing is for sure, sending young adults to prison is not the answer. 


Your discussion is enought interesting because we tell about the young killers.
I think that isn't important if decrease the crime's age....the important is give the maximum sentence....25 or 30 year....
In italy only for mafia's crime, these persons receive life imprisonment....




Children are children. We do them good or bad people. Because we make conditions for their life. Yes, there are children who can kill without mercy and regret.........But why?


James, if you meant to say you agree with me, then I have to say I'm against execution. It's too sad that one can make a conclusion like that from my words.

It's so easy to feel revengeful, it doesn't take any will to sentence a human to death if you think he "doesn't deserve to live". Every time there's a story about a killer on the news, I hope that parents of the victim will be original. Every time they scream they want to tear him apart. Let's say there's 1 criminal to 5000 "respectable citizens" in the world, and while the criminals kill people and that's considered illegal, all the ordinary citizens want to kill people too, but want to make it legal and think they're doing the right thing.



Sorry for the late reply, but italki does not notify me when someone adds to a thread.


Actually, I was replying to Ale, the thread starter.




I respect your opinion regarding capital punishment. I just disagree. It would make me VERY happy if all the 700 "human beings" here in California who are SUPPOSED to be executed were actually executed. Sadly, they never will be.


The anti-capital punishment people, such as you, are winning. I hear that capital punishment is no longer used in Europe, and I hear that even in the country of ____ (I do not want to name it), the government has decided to reduce the number of executions. (I favor executions ONLY in the case of vicious murders. For example, here in Los Angeles, a "human being" walked into a store to rob the owner.  The owner gave him the money.  Then the "human being" killed him. For nothing! Can you imagine the grief of his family?)

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