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Questions of life

Answer the question fastly!


1. Samsung or Sony?

2. Write 1 fictions or read 10 non fictions?

3. Make a song or make a movie?

4. If you have a chance to be a hero, who will you be? explain!

5. toothache or broken heart? :P


Answer it. . . there will be next sesion :D



1. Samsung 

2. 10 non-fiction

3. Make a movie.

4. I would be black widow, i find her completely amazing. Or maybe I'd be Superman, because of his powers :p

5. Hard one... I cannot deal with a toothache so, I have to go with a broken heart. 

dear lizzy. . .

WOW nice answers. . :)

You can make such questins for me too :D

Alright :)

1. Summer or winter?

2. Tea or coffee?

3. Love or money?

4. Traveling or staying in your country?


1. Samsung

2. Wtite 1 fiction

3. Make a song

4. Martin Luther King

5. Toothache


Dear lizzy,


1. Winter (Wanna lay on snow) :D

2. Such a hard question. . . tea

3. Love ---> the hardest question ever! :P

4. Traveling of course! :)

Dear Heinz,

Wooow!!! you answer it very quickly :D

Good Job! :)

1. Sony

2. 10 non-fictions

3. Make a song

4. Iron Man, strong and fly

5. broken heart.



1. Samsung

2. Read 10 non fictions

3. Make a movie

4. ...

5. Toothache

1. Samsung (but only because I had 2 options).

2. 10 fictions

3. Make a song

4. I would be someone who discovers a breakthrough and change the way we view something forever! That would be awesome, i think. 

5. Toothache's give me headaches so.. broken heart. 


Great questions!

Dear All,


Thanks for answering the questions. . . I wished italki still had a group chat, it would be more interesting to answer the questions. . :(

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