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How difficult is it to learn russian?

Hi fellas,


Can you guys please give me a brief overview regarding learning russian language? How difficult will it be for a beginner and how long will it take to understand the basics?



 It depends on your aims. One the one hand Russian grammer is by far the most intresting and beautiful, the other it is one of the most difficult. If you learn some words you can speak with russian and understand what russian people say, but if you want speak correctly, read Russian literature, well..

Why Russian?)


Oh God... Just start... When will you guys stop asking those questions. It will be very difficult to speak Russian since you're not studying any.

You know English, so French or German will be very easy for you. Russian is very very difficult. But is it the reason to do not learn it? Today I have heard a good phrase in my favorite movie. It sounds rude, but it is the best moto I have ever heard "Лучше обделаться во время шторма, чем во время прогноза погоды". I hope you will find how to translate it in your language, I am a little confused.

I like how Neil explain why he is attracted by Russian language.

It takes an infant about two years to start speaking Russian. I guess an adult can do better than. I'd say start with the most frequent words, phrases, and the most regular syntactic patterns, and you'll be able to engage in a simple conversation after 6 months.

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