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Ideal job !

What's your ideal job, in which country would it be ?



Entrepreneur is best of the best because You've got time and you can to make your schedule how you want , You will have problems for settlement, but this problems will make your life interesting and you will meeting with a lot new people . You can doing it in whole of the world If you have strong spirit for this .


I agree with Marian. I think having your own business lets you create your own schedule! I would love to have my own business and write novels :) How about you, PsyChé?

The ideal job is what I'm doing. I'm semi-retired and work as a consultant. I create my own schedule and can work from anywhere as long as I have my phone and the laptop. Life it good!

Hello PsyChé


I think that an ideal job doesn't exist.....the ideal job is as the ideal girl.....nobody know it



I want to be a G.O ,and i'd like work in different country because i want to know different cultrul.

The best job for me something what I really like to do. When I'll find, it becomes my hobby instead of duty, I will enjoy it in every minutes and I won't do it only for money. It is hard to find it.

One successful guy acted upon his father's advice and always performed an ideal job for him at any point in life. The advice went somthing like that: 'First identify what you wish to do and then find someone who is willing to pay for it'

WOW thank you for your many answers !

In my case I think that the ideal would be a job where you have a lot of freedom, fun but not only. Decisions by ourselves without necessarily having to seek approval to our boss, travel and meet new people all around the world like a photoreporter lifestyle in a big city like New York or Sydney! That could be fun !

The ideal job for me is teaching the young.


You know what, I could go on and on about the working conditions I idealize.

*I*want to work in this country or that, *I* want some freedom in decision making or work with the kind of people I share values with and so forth.

It's all about what *I* want for *me*. It's all about ME ME and ME.


It makes me feel like a narcissistic person when I hear someone answers "I hope to work with autistic kids." or "I want to teach the young."(like Innocent answered) for the same question...

because you see, they see "ideal" in a totally different direction.

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