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What do you think about Iran?



great contry with nice places like kish. rasht  ardebil, shiraz, and........

sorry country


I think that Iran is a fascinating country. Rich in diverse history and culture. I would love to visit Iran one day. Shiraz, Isefehan and Tehran.



This is what I think about Iran:


1. I UNDERSTAND why Iranians say, "Other countries can have nuclear weapons, so why can't we?"


2. I would be afraid to visit your beautiful country because I have heard that if the government is angry with someone, it does terrible things to him / her.


3. I hope that there is NO war between Iran and my country (the United States). (And I hope that there is NO war between Iran and Israel.)


4.  I hope that someday Iranians and Americans can be friends AGAIN.



thanks all and special thanks to james,I have the same wishes james I hope we hold our hands wormly once again as not far that..

Iran has a rich culture,but nowadays unfortunately I cant see my cultus.


Nice point steve H..yeah I'm sure that it'll be a tradehy if u come over to visit nowdays,unfortunatly


Iran has a fascinating culture, a long history, beautiful architecture, poetry and art. The people are well-educated and friendly. One day, I would like to visit Iran after this stupid political conflict has ended.

I would like to say it is a great country trying to maintain its soveriegnity  , while trying to advance in this modern era. I feel that western media especially American media due sometimes try to demonize countries such as Iran , which they have no control over. I have nothing againts any country , i acknowledge that everyone wants to advance to the future, but i hope it is through peacefule means.

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