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Is hard or easy to looking for a European girl ??

i hope to find a European girl in my future.coz i am fond of European culture.and the people there are very open !  i will try my best to learn English and if one day i go broad to enjoy all i want !



You are looking for girl but for what :D s*x or gf or just friend ?

Marian : i hope to find a girl friend even i hope my wife is from Europe ..  it is easy or hard ??

This is very individually I think girls from Europe is same like girl from China . I am never been in China but why do you think that girls from Europe are different from those girl in China ? Everything depends from yourself If you are good with women in China you will be good with women from Europe I think so. :)

I'm from Europe but I'm by no means an expert. However, I think it would be easier since there are less formalities and traditions than in Japan, but of course it depends which European country you are interested in. Nevertheless, Europeans are generally more open, sex and nudity are not as much of a tabu, but more so in the south. Some girls may be attracted to you as a foreigner; curiosity will work to your advantage. However, they may not want to enter into a serious relationship. Then again, other girls may not even want to get involved at all. The most open country is probably Sweden.

Marian ; In my point of view . The sense in China is quite different from that in European conuntries . Maybe European is open-minded . Some Chinese girls are traditional .Anyway i am interested in European girls and i am good with girls in China . But i want to know more about European girls . open-minded ? or close mind ???There are so many many different between China and European countries . Looking forward to ur reply ,Thanks a lot ~

Heinz ; first , thanks a lot . and i am interested in European culture , Sweden is a beautiful country .i also like this country . U said that the people in Sweden are very open . So the girls in Sweden are easy to find ???

I don't know. You will just have to find out for yourself.


Milla.sis  ---  lovely girl , so cute babe ~

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