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Teaching price too expensive?

Do you think that the price rate for few of the teachers are too expensive here? Dont you think that should be bought down to a realistic figure so that all can happily hire a teacher to learn a the languauge they want.


Also another disadvantage of such a high price is that people interact with each other over skype and they involve in language exchange, by this way they learn a new languauge even without learing a penny!




Hi Saureen,

you raised a good topic. I don't think that my price or rate is expensive and I am ready to offer 50% discount for serious students. Thanks,

Why do you ask the question? You obviously think they are too high and a disadvantage.

I don't think the price should be regulated here, it's a free market. If I try one teacher and don't think it is worth the money I try another one. There are plenty to choose from. We have to remember that expensive is not always better and cheaper may not always be bad, some teachers start out at a lower rate to attract students and get a foot in the door. In any case, it is always a good idea to check out the teachers' profile and read about their professional experience/certifications. 

I like italki because it offers so much but it does have some flaws. Then again, nothing is perfect!


I'm agree absolutely with Heinz. I don't like to spend time for empty chatting.

My life time is most expensive than money.

Anyway I can help you to start

Hi Guys,


This is an interesting topic.  There are many teachers to choose from at many different price ranges depending on language.  As we don't standardize material we also don't standardize price.  So we have not and will not be asking teachers to standardize their prices, either by raising them or lowering them. If you look at competing sites we are actually much cheaper on average for most languages.


Jessy is offering a 50% discount and that is extremely nice of her!!! :)


You can also often find an informal tutor for very cheap that is offering full lessons.

Price should be but no so high as so a man who pay ready seriously teach and will be preparing next lesson i think.    


italki is the cheapest online platform. If you think some teachers are too expensive here, probably you have never taken any online classes before. The starting fee for a 45 minute lesson on other platforms is 15 $ US. Some teachers charge even 22-25 $ for a 45 minute session. Here you can find English teachers (native speakers) even for 7-8 $ US. 

yes your disscus is true and right but there is one case

in italki learning you must spend more time for learning

and your period is longer

i can help you for persian learning



In my opinion, there are quite a lot of teachers/tutors who offer lessons at a very low rate which is of course nice for the students but really annoying for the teachers who work for higher wages. I still don't mind asking 10 USD for a session with no preparation on my side, but after 3 hours of active talking+guiding the conversation+correcting mistakes I start feeling that it's not enough for that amount of efforts. Most students don't realize how much concentration and nervous energy a teacher needs for a mere 'informal' tutoring session. Maybe not everyone is like me, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who's feeling like this. And when I'm thinking about those teachers who come from the UK or any other 'expensive' countries where prices are 10 times higher than in Russia or Asia, and sho still work for 15 USD/hour, that's heroic! I know most of us here are really passionate about teaching and money isn't the only thing we care about, but it's still our job (and for many it's a 'staple' one!).

So, those teachers who charge higher prices really value their time and probably they're not cornered and dispose of other ways to earn their lives. Please take into consideration these criteria when judging the teachers here.




ещё бы, Я совершенно согласно что зарплаты столько дешевле, то просители будут больше.


сушествуют многие люди которие оченьмного любят изучать иностранние языки, даже больше нас, но у них нет достаточно денег к сожаленеию.


о если бы, учители узнали что если они сами были вместо присили, ли они тоже смогли платить такие деньги?! нет. никогда.

давайте стать справелливими людьми больше. Всё...


If you compare thier prices to other italki teachers, you may think so.


But what would be the price for a private lesson in their country? Also, what is the general sentiment towards languages in their country? Maybe they aim at a specific target group (eg students from their country) and they use italki for convenience.


You also need to consider their qualifications. A 22 year old with a BA should charge less than someone with 25 years experience and extra qualifications.


I admit some prices (e.g. 500 italki) are extravagant but since they can get what they want, why not ask for it?

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