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Who can help me?


I'm learning Turkish ,and i also improve my English now.And i want to practice my Oral Turkish and English by chatting with a person who's native language is Turkish and can speak a fluent English.

Who can help me?



Hi Uyghur,I can help you with your Turkish.
I've been living in Turkey for 4years also I'm studying here So I Speak turkish fluently.

I can help u

I learn English ...My mother tongue is have skype account? we can practice together.

 i will not help you coz im angry from u :p :p


To mahmoud,why are u angry from me?coz i looked for another language partener?  :-D  傻瓜,小气鬼   You let me down! ! !    :-'(      :-'(              :p  :p  :p    Jokking  :D


No No thats not right look in ur inbox on facebook you will understand


???what happened=


Me too. I wanna practice my english and learn Turkish. Anyone can help me?

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