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I wonder ..................

    In fact ,I already relized the result of losing the  direction in life,so ,i wonder  if learning language is a good way  can cure me or not ?

    How i wish i can understand The Phantom Of The Opera  instead of using translating.

    actually,I've been learning English for seven years at school,but it can be understood as dumb English.

    I hope to get some help from the one who can speak Eglish and be interested in Chinese .thanks!



Learning language is interesting but i dont know can it "cure" you or not. If you are talking about "losing the direction in life", then , maybe, the best way for you is to find an interesting hobby, something really new. 


And if someone helps you but not really interested in Chinese?

Learning English at school is very different from actually using it. I studied Spanish for 5 years but have forgotten most of it, because I never use it outside of school. I started learning Mandarin in Beijing, however, and that made all the difference. Try to practice speaking with English speakers, and you will improve in no time! 加油,加油!











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