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Funny british comedies?


Which British comedies would you recommend me?

I like a lot "Life of Brian" and "Love actually".

Thank you!




One of the best is Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister, wonderfully written, very funny and a beautiful insight into British politics. Enjoy!


I agree! I was about to recommend the Yes Minister too. Fawlty Towers is also great - probably the best comedy series ever.

Black Adder, Are you Being Served, are two series from the BBC. Monty Python did tons of other stuff, and also two other films. I guess you know already. I've never heard of Love Actually. Rowan Atkinson, who was in Black Adder was also Mr. Bean and in some other things as well. Fawlty Towers is better than most of the stuff I've mentioned though, in my opinion.

John Cleese was also in 'A Fish Called Wanda'. Check it out.


Love Actually is written and directed by Richard Curtis, one of the men behind Blackadder. It has a delightful cameo by Rowan Atkinson.


It's interesting that Silvia has picked out two films which each represent a major force in British comedy: Monty Python (Life of Brian, Fish Called Wanda, Fawlty Towers, etc); and Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Blackadder etc).

How about Mr bean show and movie , you can savor unique humour of Britains .

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