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What's your favorite song?



My favorite rock band is Train, their songs are all terrific, especiall  Hey, soul sister and Drive by. somebody's me by  Enrique Iglesias. Some great Chinese songs, like 一直很安静,爱 and so on.

Somewhere only we know - Keane

Rene Liu 刘若英-- 原来你也在这里

Avril Lavigne -- Wish You Were Here

arrietty's song

i love Cecile Corbel 's all songs.

bryan adams"please for give me" and just a kiss by lady antebellum 

when i listen to this song i feel so relax


lunafly - superhero

Can anyone recommend some wonderful music? No matter what languge it is. I'm really into music. Thanks 

I like adele - skyfall

do you like it ?

I don't like to have a favourite song because I don't want to exclude good songs because of having a favourite one. I think that songs come and leave although I can stress some of them.

Nevertheless, I can have some songs that have something special to me -but I won't say they are my favourites ;)-.

Amandine Bourgeois - Le temps est à la pluie

Anggun - Seize moment (English version) // Hymne à la vie (French version)

Alizée - J'ai pas vingt ans

Ke$ha - Harold Song

Nina Zilli - L'amore è femmina

Robin Stjenberg - You

Soraya Arnelas - Runaway

Gigi d'Allesio e Loredana Berté - Respirare

Malika Ayane - E se poi

Dolcenera - Ci vediamo a casa

Noemi - Briciolle

Getter Jaani - Grammofon

Jessie J - Domino


































"Is this love?" by Jessica Lea Mayfield & Seth Avett

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