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What do you usually do in your free time?




Play football :)

I like drawing and painting with oil colours :)

Learning languages




Riding my bicycle






listen music :)

hi! my name is JuA. I am very glad to see you. when I have free time, I like to travel and sing my favor song. I guest you will think that I visited many interest place but it's wrong. Although I am love travelling, I am not enough money to do it. therefore, I usually travel by my way. I study place where I want to come by television or internet and then I expect one day when I can it come true to me in the future by trying my best in my life.

Read books...

see the moives

When I'm alone I usually listen to good music while I surf the internet. Reading books is also a good choice for a quality time.

When I'm with friends, I like to play video-game with them :)


I like to run :)

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