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Italy, interesting facts.

I would appreciate if one of us, Italian or non-Italian could give me some interesting facts about Italy. I need it for 9 May, the European Day, because I chose Italy as country I'd like to present to other people. Google helped me a little, but what do you know particulary about Italy? Thank you. :)



Goodmorning, Michaela. I'm from Italy, and maybe I can help you. Are you looking for the news or something else? ( maybe if you ask something it could be easier ) :)

Italy's longest border is with Switzerland in the north.

When you look at Italy on a map it has the shape of a long boot.

One of the most interesting small cities is Cinque Terre.

Venice smells at low tide.

In Italy you see a lot of Motor-Scooters, the most famous are Vespa and Lambretta.



Italy is a wonderful country....You can to see many things.....Rome, The 5 terre as has said Heinz, Naples and Southern Italy.....and in particular the italian cousine

Thank you for your answers. That day, we're going to gather, me and other people, and stop citizens on the street. Everything will be like "Hey, do you know today is the day of Europe? Let me tell you something interesting, funny or amazing about Italy!"

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