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Healthy diet? what is it?




A healthy system you follow to get more healthy (more storng) or to become fit. 

So, when you try to eat more vegetables and fruits that is a healthy diet or when you try to reduce the amount of fat you have every day that is a healthy diet.



Eat enough and do some exercise

Eat healthy meals 5 times a day and small amount. Mainly vegetables, fruits, and meals from these the heathiest way (ex. to steam). Drink a lot, the best is mineral water or green tea without anything. Eat less sugar and sweets. :)

eat more meal but in each meanl don't eat a lot for example

eat 6 meanl in each day but not a lot if you want to eat 3 meal ahre it in 6 meal


share it in 6 meal

Good evening, Largo! At first don't smoke and don't drink alcohol. You should eat little and often. Breakfast must be dense, don't eat a lot at dinner. Don't forget about sport. It's easy to do:) 

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