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What do you think about pork meat? (religious question)

This is a question I always had in my mind for some time already, when I walk through the supermarket to find some food to buy, and I want to discuss it here on Italki now.This is a question I specially ask to all the jewish, christian and muslim users in Italki so if you do not like this discussion because you do not believe or so, please do not blame this discussion because nobody forces you to write here. So please consider yourself warned.


Noah took a pair of all animals into his ship so also a pair of pigs and Jahwe (God) told him that he can eat everything he can find. So it is written in the first book of Moses (Genesis) chapter 9 verse 1-3. Later Jahwe said to Moses it is now forbidden to eat pork meat (and other animals) in the 3rd book of Moses (Levitikus) chapter 11. In Maccabeans 2 chapter 6 verse 18-31 and chapter 7, in the old testament of the Bible, you can even read of some Jews who chose to die instead of eating pork meat. In Al-Quran it is also written that you shall not eat pork meat and I think the christians even misinterpreted the teachings of Jesus in Matthew chapter 15 verse 1-2 and verse 10-11, so also in the new testament I have not found the proof that pork meat is not forbidden any longer, as well as the other forbidden animals in the laws of Moses for example Rabbit and Camel.


But at the same time so many people in the world eat pork meat and other forbidden animals, no matter what the old testament and the Quran say. I have not ate pork meat since I have read the law of Moses for the first time in my life during May 2012, so quite a year already. I cannot eat a german Schnitzel, I cannot eat italian Lasagna, many kinds of Pizza, fried Bacon and all the other things I ate, before I knew that it is forbidden to eat pork meat plus the other forbidden meats. But in so many christian countries they have herdes of pigs for eating them. Europe is full of pork meat and as far as I know Asia as well.


Do you think that all people who eat pork meat will burn in Hell? Sometimes I think about of eating it again, because I miss many food I ate during my previous life but I fear that Jahwe will send me into Hell if I would even touch pork meat and also the meat of other forbidden creatures like rabbits. You know, Jahwe said to Moses that he is a jealous God and the prophet Ezechiel also warned us a lot in the old testament. Al-Quran even scared me as well as it talks very often about Hell and what would happen to me there. For example my skin will be roasted and then be replaced with a new skin to roast it again. I do really fear him and I fear that all the people who eat all the forbidden food will burn in hell forever. :( So what do you think?





This is a TRUE story.  I think that you will like it.




There was once a famous American journalist named Theodore White (1915 - 1986). His religion did not allow him to eat pork.


One time he visited China. His host was a famous Chinese leader named Zhou En-lai (1898 - 1976). Mr. Zhou invited Mr. White to a big dinner. The main dish was roast pork.


Mr. White said that he was not allowed to eat pork.


Mr. Zhou looked at Mr. White and said, "This is not a pig -- this is a duck."


Everybody laughed.


Mr. White enjoyed the "duck" very much.

ALLAH has forbidden pork because he knows that it's unhealthy and bad,that's why he has forbidden it.

Hello in the new testament God allow us to eat any kind of meat 1 corinthians 10:25 and many other versicles God allow us to eat anything unless the food was offered to another God because Jesus Christ clean with his blood cleaned everything so He tell us you don´t name dungy what I've already cleaned.


And In the new testament said that only God can save us for his Glory by Grace not by works that we have to do.



@James: Hehe a very funny story. :) I think I heard some stories like this already in some way. I even know that it is okay to eat even the forbidden things if you are forced to eat them and I guess even if you do not know what you eat. But your story really made me laugh as well. :) @Lena: Hmm you are right as long as if you help the others he might do not judge us because of eating pork meat. You know, in the old testament in the laws of Moses it is forbidden to eat blood or fat so I'm not sure about your "Salo" dish. Another problem is that I have read somewhere in the Bible that if a good person does bad the person still will be judged for this no matter how good the person did before. I think it is very difficult. @Sumsum: I know this from Quran but you know I never understood why it is considered it is unhealthy and bad? I heard some stories saying it is only unhealthy in Arabia, where Islam has been founded, due to the fact that in the hot sun pork meat rots very fast. But I'm not sure if this is true or just a guess of some people. @Diego: Hello. :) Thank you very much for this verse you know I have read through the Bible for one time already (tooked me over 10 months) and so of course I have not remembered every verse I have read. It is interesting to see this verse again but strangely later in the Quran he said it is forbidden to eat pork meat again. It is very complicated to me but many thanks for your information! :)

I know it is no longer forbidden but I don´t like to eat pork because It is unhealthy althought I have eaten pork and It is deliciuos but I only eat pork many times in the year because it is unhealthy. I Prefer to eat healthy and low fat food.

@Diego: Yes, you are right pork meat is not as healthy as chicken meat. I also think I lost at least a few weight, since I stopped eating it. "There is nothing which is not a poison. It's always the amount that matters." This is a sentence from a german medical scientist. Unfortunately I forgot his name. But it means that there is nothing totally safe. Just take care of the amount you take.

I wont eat pork meat because i should follow god's order whether it s healthy or not :)

Hello Chinafan, It is right what you said  "There is nothing which is not a poison. It's always the amount that matters." I think the same that´s why we need to eat many kind of food, I ate many vegatables, many fruits, fish, chicken,beef, cereals, etc and mix them because every kind of food have different nutrients. I have read again what you wrote above and I think you should focus whether the bible or the Quran because these books are different that´s why are muslims, christians, Jews. because they have different beliefs. If you try to follow the bible as well as the Quram, you will be lost because sometimes you need to choose between them and maybe you make a confussion in your mind. I am christian that´s why I believe that only the bible has the right message from God but If I were muslin, I would think that only the Quram has the right message from God.

@Basma: I know. :) But I wonder if we for example wouldn't follow his command but still do good things if he still would send us to hell? Quran really scared me as I have read because it talks so much about Hell. @Diego: Hello again Diego. :) At all my goal is to understand all three religions which are exist for Jahwe (God) and to unite all three religions so there will no war between them any longer. My plan is to follow all commands in the whole Bible and Quran. But yes you are right again, it is very hard to follow because some rules even cannot be made together. In the old testament it is for example forbidden to eat Camel but in the Quran it is said you can use a Camel as a sacrifice and eat from it. But I still believe there must be a way of unifiy them all. @Steve: I really hate Blutwurst and beside my parents I do not know anyone who likes it. But anyway he do exist Jesus and Moses gave so clear proofs they are not wrong trust me. But to drink blood is absolutely forbidden and I would never do this for sure. Well, so far I was able to stay very healthy without pork meat I just might have lost a bit weight but not much. And don't worry after this short life there is a new one coming forever, trust me. :) @Narim: My father said, they just live in mud because the peasants keep them in mud but it is said that the pig is a very clean animal which would never live in mud by it's own choice. :) Well, I do not know about the atheists but a chinese told me that even some Bhuddists refuse to eat pork meat. Sure it must have a reason but I wonder what happens to the people who do eat pork meat. Do they really end up all in hell? Then even I would end up in there because I ate it before not knowing the laws. :/

I have also read in Acts 10:9-16, " in which a huge sheet full of unclean animals is lowered from heaven, and a voice says, "Rise, Peter; kill and eat." However, without hesitation Peter replies, "Not so, Lord! For I have never eaten anything common or unclean" (verse 14). The Voice then responds, "What God has cleansed you must not call common" (verse 15). Therefore those food that were unclean before God has already cleansed it. However it is depend in our own conviction what we will eat or not because it was said “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). Therefore we should also honor God with ourbody by what we do and eat. if do you think that food is unhealthy for you then don't eat but if you think that food is not harmful at all then eat.

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